Weighted Words-

Hovered over the preacher curl arms shaking & every muscle in my face twisting as it fights tears…I’m having a meltdown.  Frustrated my body is not meeting my mind’s expectations.  Fatigued I whimper out “somewhere someone is living, breathing, eating every moment towards this.”  With a quick clear-cut reply my husband (& workout partner), Joey, says “Stina, that person is you”.  Simple as it may be those words weighed heavy with me.  It instantly put the situation into perspective & made me realize he sees the drive in me & I should too…

Going over my off season habits my trainer & mentor Fred Rowlett says with matter of fact “You are an athlete; treat your body like it”.  It was simple yet captivated me.   To categorize myself as an athlete had not crossed my mind let alone grasp the ongoing commitment to being an athlete.  It was the exact statement I needed to bring light towards thinking long term goals…

Smiling & nodding IFPA Figure Pro Jamie Keen scans a roomful of figure ladies.  She’s sharing her experiences & prepping us for stage time.  She advises “Relax, take deep breathes & enjoy this moment ladies”.  Calmness suddenly sweeps over.  It’s true the stage is a moment of opportunity to showcase our individual journey & we should seize it…

Unbeknownst to the 3 of these people they have had the greatest influence on how I perceive myself, competing & enjoying the moments leading towards my goals.   Their words were said with sincerity yet came effortlessly; it seems it’s just what they do.  I’m fortunate to have had these vocal powerhouses cross my path.   Their words “clicked” shifting me to another level and compelled me to share how truly “weighty” words can be…


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