Makeshift Cardio

As with training towards any goal the majority of your time can be consumed pursuing it.  We either forget or think there isn’t time for anything or anyone else.   That’s simply not true.  It isn’t always easy but I can’t imagine reaching my goals & not having the amazing people in my life to share it with.

Last weekend, creeping on 7 weeks from my next competition, we went to the lake for some family fun in the sun.  Not a workout, cardio or meal was sacrificed.  It was a bit of a chore planning every morsel I would consume over the visit yet worth it for the memories to come.  With a cooler stuffed of proteins, veggies & carefully measured carbs, my gym bag filled with resistance bands, tennis shoes, Garmin watch & my water raft we head out.

We get to the lake & settle into the evening catching up & sharing laughs…

The next morning I wake bright & early to complete my workout/cardio before the daily activities commence.  I slip on my shoes, latch my Garmin & head out the narrow winding roads where I quickly discover this wasn’t my best idea.  The roads are so narrow cars cannot see me…rats, I return back to the resort.  I decide I’ll run the lake dock stairs.  As I trip up the rickety stairs for the 3rd time I rethink this option too.  Okay, so I’ll go for an extra-long intense swim later.  Being honest with myself I’m aware I won’t swim hard enough so after several botched attempts…

I look around our cabin & decide to break out my resistance bands, drag the cooler against the wall, pop in my head phones & create make shift boxing drills.  Performing each exercise for 3 minutes, I cycled through these over the course of 45 minutes. 

*Step up & down the cooler

*Jump rope (pretend jump rope)

*Shadow boxing with resistance bands

*Squat thrust/Up-downs, crunches

The result: a drenched sweaty girl.  I felt great!  The rest of my day was spent thoroughly enjoying the company of my loved ones.  I realize when you have a goal you go after it & being flexible is essential towards success.  There isn’t any room for excuses & I refuse to leave any doubt when Sept 15th rolls around.   I can say with comfort I’m giving it my all.  Whatever your goal is go after it, it’s YOUR goal.  Make it happen!

Best wishes~



4 thoughts on “Makeshift Cardio

  1. Thank you! I’m training for my first competition in November and this is exactly what I needed to hear. I think it’s so easy to get in a routine and it’s hard for me to take day trips or spend time out with friends because I’m worried I’ll sacrifice progress. But there is always time and room for both, if you just do a little extra planning! Good luck on your journey, you are so close!

  2. Yes! Perfect example of “no excuses” kind of plan–Nice job!!
    I tell my clients to try and build an environment of success–try to take all of the little things beforehand and everthing just slips into place: pack you lunch the night, or even weekend, before; set your workout clothes out or pack them into a work bag and change into them before you come to the gym; and always have a back up. Thanks for sharing!

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