This Competition Complete

The competition is done & I have yet another stepping stone in my journey towards growth & improvement.   The NANBF’s KC Classic lured in elite physiques from pros & amateurs.  Valuable lessons were learned; some through surveying competitors & some through my own trials.

Watching other competitors is tricky & possibly detrimental if you can’t resist the urge to do as they do. It’s tempting to get caught up on their details & lose focus of your own strategy.  Not to say what they are doing is wrong or that it won’t work for your physique but why gamble on the day?  A tri-athlete wouldn’t break in new shoes or try a new seat before an Iron Man. To me it’s the same concept, of course at one point I caught myself spiraling into comparisons & fortunately realized where I was going & got refocused.  I stuck to the plan & I’m glad I didn’t stray.

As for my own trials my body did decide to throw a few jukes at me.  My reaction & mind frame were tested.  40 minutes before the T-walk* I noticed a small area perfect for practicing.  I put on my shoes & I went into pose 1, great.  Transitioned into pose 2 & I dropped to the floor caused from pain shooting at the top of my knee cap pulsating through my quad.  I tried to go into my pose again & again & again, it simply wasn’t happening.  Looking at my husband was like looking in a mirror, disbelief & fear.  We iced it nonchalantly trying desperately to not feed into my worries.  Realizing it was getting closer to time I knew the walk needed to be altered, there was no time for panic.  It was the moment I realized just how bad I wanted this.  Sounds crazy I’m sure.  Hours of training, practice, food prep & this is the moment that made me realize it…the thought of not having the choice anchored my fire for the sport.

My walk was not what I had envisioned but I gave it a solid battle to the very end.  A feat that earned myself 1st place in short open.  I am victorious not because a trophy says so but because I did not give up.  I pushed back & kept my fists up to the final round.  I feel taking a few minutes backstage to review the small victories throughout the day delivered me into peaceful trance when I was privileged to go for overall.  I did not win the coveted Pro Card; it is not my time…yet.  I will not chase this card however I will continue to compete to win, to evolve & relish that I do this as a 100% natural athlete.

*A T-walk is a walk consisting of several poses that showcase the physique




4 thoughts on “This Competition Complete

  1. Congratulations on your class win!! That is incredible, I’m so impressed with your dedication and discipline and ability to push yourself through a speed bump that looked like it could ruin all of your hard work! Keep up your hard work and the pro-card will be yours in no time!

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