MerriamWebster definition CHEAT   

1: to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud  

2: to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice

I don’t cheat.  Not at work, the gym & most certainly not life.  After reading Merriam’s definition why would I want to associate myself with that?  It’s smothered in foulness.  Therefore I’m  not a fan of “cheat” food/meals…wait let me clarify; I’m not a fan of the verbiage “cheat” to describe food that is a planned rarity to eat.

Like everything else in your life, what you eat is your choice.  When you eat nutritious foods consistently you also can choose to occasionally indulge in foods not part of your routine.   Whether it’s a meal, a cocktail or a pan of brownies all to yourself how far you take it is up to you.  The thing is you won’t trick, deceit, or fraud your body.  Period.  It will respond accordingly by how you fuel it.  You can attempt to deceit, trick or fraud your mind with what you tell yourself.  In my opinion when you’re not conscious &/or feed into it by saying it’s a “cheat” it creates a cloudy experience of guilt & resentment.  If this is what you really want then enjoy.  I’ve decided going forward I’ll use the term “bonus” food.


Merriam-Webster definition of BONUS

something in addition to what is expected or strictly due


I will give myself “bonuses” to match the quality of work I put in.  Have I earned it?  Will I fully enjoy it?  Will it hinder my goals?  I am actively making strides to break the emotional attachment I tend to have with food & be aware of the many choices I do have.  I will continue to remind myself food does not make the experience the moments surrounding the food does.  And when I do decide to have an additional clean carb or a slice of sugar-free pie I will thoroughly enjoy the bonus.



3 thoughts on ““Cheat”

  1. I love your statement about the moments surrounding the food making the experience. That’s a great way to look at it. I sometimes dread social gatherings centered around food because I feel I can’t really enjoy myself. However, if I take the focus off the food, as I have been gradually learning to do, then I find much more joy in these events! Great post!

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