I am good with carrying a lunch box everywhere I go.  I am good with missing happy hour to attack the iron calling my name.  I am good with waking up before the alarm every weekend to parlay with the stadium.  I am good with fueling my body with the food I like.  I am good with your opinion of me, even your negative ones.  I am good with the person I have become.  I am good with the person I will be.

It has been a process to get to this place of overall goodness.  I continue to educate myself through my experiences of trial & error.  It’s amazing the calmness that resides in me as I look in the mirror.  I can genuinely say the reflection I see is a true representation of my spirit.  It’s a confirming peace that guides me through my life & directs me to push to the next level.  I embrace the stiches of how I’m cut.  I will not have it any other way.

Yes, I may stand out but it feels good to me.  I do not stand alone I know in the masses there are everyday people on the same route to betterment, exploring their greatness.   Are the choices you’re making truly what you want or are they what’s easy & simpler to conform to?   I dare you to stand out & feel good about your aspirations.  Commit to yourself.  We all have it in us.  What is yours & where is it taking you, I’d love to hear…

Picture by Joey Lyday

Picture by Joey Lyday


One thought on “Good

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