It’s closing in on the year & there’s talk of New Year’s resolutions; eat right, work out, spend less, do this, less of that.  I think New Year’s resolutions are for the frightened.  Why put off what you can start now?  Because it’ll take work, it’ll be uncomfortable & you’ll have to own control.  Can you imagine if you never had to work for anything?  Someone would still be cutting up your food while you crawled everywhere.  My view is we are born with ambition to challenge & grow into ourselves so why stop.

Every time we are put in uncomfortable situations there’s an opportunity waiting to be discovered.  Most times we need to work at putting ourselves there to test our self-control.  Letting fear of failure or other’s validation dictate your destiny will never create any type of resolution.  It seems too many people have developed the perception that things will fall into place.  Not realistic.  Regardless of your passion it takes work to reach personal wealth.  Take a moment to think of those that inspire you.  Whoever carries that role I guarantee they didn’t get there by chance.

Whatever you are resolving work at it, get uncomfortable, own it & don’t let critics obstruct your results.  Be your own motivation.

I take a devoted stance that an ounce of action outweighs a ton of talk.  To elaborate, every time I finish a new blog post I contemplate with myself whether to share.  I know by sharing I open myself to “haters” who are waiting for my fall to blast judgment.  It’s unnerving.  Then I always remind myself I am not seeking out the validation of other’s.  I have a belief in my heart that I’m pursuing… I click publish & here I am again, pushing.

*I’m incredibly excited to share that I will be soon writing health & fitness posts for .  Check it out!!!

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