Diets Bite

You hear it all the time “it’s a lifestyle not a diet”, it’s the truth. I’m not a fan of dieting, here’s why…

The start date to diet is set; the focus is on all the things that won’t be eaten anymore. It’s unbearable, compelling one last rendezvous with all the cheesy, doughy sweet goodness within a twenty mile radius. Commence the gorge till busting at the seams. Gluttony is over & the big D starts. Determined with self-pep talks galore, “No more fried snacks, chocolaty sweets are of the past. Low carb gets results, I’ll eliminate them. Some exercise works, do double, no, do triple, every day.” And so begins a diet binge. Zero to one hundred in less than a week…crash…burn.

It’s a disastrous cycle that is not realistic to live. First off diets are intended to be practiced for a set amount of time & I’ve noticed most dieters feel deprived. There’s so much attention to what they aren’t eating or doing instead of all amazing new options they have to enjoy. Listen next time you hear a repeat dieter talk; it’s almost as if they are trying to sell themselves on why it’s so great. Then adding in the exaggerated amounts of exercise, more is not more.

Real talk, you didn’t slip out of shape overnight so you’re not going to wake up tomorrow fit for a triathlon. I’m not a fit guru who has always eaten well & exercised smart. I’ve had my fair share of binges in the kitchen & in the gym. What I learned that works for me is moderation not elimination & slowing down. Every day won’t be perfect but it will have a purpose. Make the most of it & good habits become a style of living… naturally. Yes, “it’s a lifestyle” takes dedication but not deprivation.

Tips I’ve found helpful:

Slow down. I noticed I eat in a hurry even when I’m not on the go, I’ve slowed down. Set down your fork between bites. Really allow yourself to enjoy your food. Same goes for exercise. Again, more is not more, listen to your body. Your body needs a break to recover.

Focus on the feeling. When I attach a goal to feeling a certain way the outside starts to follow in suit. For me, the feeling of accomplishment is considerably more meaningful than the scale read out.

Open mind. There is a vast amount of delicious healthy foods & substitutes to enjoy. Visit the “Get Started” & “Links and Apps” page for recipe & exercise ideas.

Moderation not elimination. When you reward yourself with a bonus meal, enjoy it! Bonus meals are just that though, a bonus. Not an everyday or every other day occurrence.

Allow the right media in. Use social media outlets to your advantage. My Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest are flooded with positivity & inspiring people. Go to, like & discover great pages I like.

Have fun. Enjoy life & best wishes!!!

Diets Bite

Diets Bite


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