While in my growing season (seems more appropriate than calling it an “off season”) I’ve been indulging in different styles of HIIT cardio. Treadmill, elliptical, etcetera is great but they don’t hold a candle to the heart racing session I get from Tabata. Plus I am indeed working on growing so I want to minimize burning away any muscle.

Every chance I get, I go to trainer Shauna Saghbene’s Spin/Tabata class. Afterwards I’m panting & charged in unison. As she leads a class full of men & women shouts of “Why are you here?! Get uncomfortable! Dig deep! Finish strong” comes out powerful & encouraging. Some use bodyweight others use resistance with plates & dumbbells. We finish together tired yet stronger. Plus who doesn’t want a great booty?

Eating nutritiously & doing cardio cardio cardio with no resistance training will make that booty disappear, including its shape. Add in some resistance training & watch a tight butt take form. I speak from experience; when I trained for duathlons cardio took over my routines & I lost my rump shaker. After putting in heavy work with trainer Fred Rowlett my back side is getting stronger & is starting to pop again.

Then today while talking to a friend about what I’ve learned from both trainers I put together something she could do from home, a park or gym with no to little equipment & decided to call it, Campaign Save the Booty, a Tabata routine.

I’m not a trainer but an amateur competitor going off of my experiences. This entire workout (including warm-up/stretch) only takes 30ish minutes. Focus on good form not speed, your heart will be thumping & you will get faster! There are plenty of free Tabata apps to help time you & to give ideas for your own variation. Enjoy!


Do the first exercise for 20 seconds then switch to the 10 second exercise, alternating back & forth. Complete 8 rounds during 4 minutes before going onto the next set.

Warm up for 5 mins- Anything to get your blood pumping (walk, jog in place, jumping jacks)

4 minutes/ 8 rounds:
Walking/skip Lunges- 20 seconds
Sumo Squat Press- 10 seconds

4 minutes/ 8 rounds:
Wall Sit- 20 seconds
Calf Raise- 10 seconds

4 minutes/ 8 rounds:
Burpee- 20 seconds
Ice Skate- 10 seconds

4 minutes/ 8 rounds:
Rows- 20 seconds
Push Ups- 10 seconds

4 minutes/ 8 rounds:
Plank- 20 seconds
Leg Lift- 20 seconds
Russian Twist-20 seconds


To contact Shauna:
To change your life with the Laser Sharp Fitness team (Fred Rowlett is my trainer):

Shauna Saghbene

Shauna Saghbene


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