“Blocks”, “Ninja Turtle” are a few of the references I’ve heard made to my abs, it’s quite a compliment. I have worked hard to build this area. The thicker my muscle the more they pop as the leaner I get. Having strong abs has multiple benefits. Better posture, lower back support & improved balance.

The saying “Abs are made in the gym, shown in the kitchen” is legit. My abs keep me informed about what’s working nutritionally. As we are all individuals what works for you may not have the same outcome for me, I suggest logging your food. Your log can be as detailed or relaxed to fit your style & goals. Find what does & doesn’t work; causes bloating, creates a crisp look, etc.

I train abs 2-3 times a week, never consecutively. I go as heavy & intense as I possibly can withstand while keeping good form. I always do some type of lower abs first, then obliques followed by upper abs. Sometimes I do a circuit style other times I complete each as a set before moving on. The biggest thing I like to emphasis is that I stay focused on the abs doing the work, not momentum.

I’ve gotten a few inquiries about my ab routine, below is a sample of some of my favorites. I did one set of each of these consecutively. At the end of the ball crunch I rested just long enough to know I can complete another round (do 3 rounds total). When finished I like to do some sort of plank till fatigue. Just to make sure I wiped myself out.

Incline weighted leg lift 15 reps. Hold weight with feet, lift legs

Weighted ball twist, 15 reps
Start with weight above chest twist to right then to left, that is one rep

Ball crunch, I usually start off holding a weight above my head, by the 3rd set my body weight is enough resistance.

If you are interested in reading more about some of the routines I like to incorporate please let me know, I always look forward to your thoughts.

Best wishes!


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