Prep Time


I love what competing teaches me about myself.  I feel I’m handed scenarios that allow me to grow into a better person, especially in “prep” mode.  It’s exciting & rewarding, it’s as though a switch is flipped that mentally prepares me to rise to uncharted heights.  My discipline, desire & character are put to the test.  Knowing some of the process rattles up fears yet envisioning the accomplishment trumps my apprehensions.  Here I am, 7 weeks ago I began prep for the next intended competition (KC Classic). I’m moving full speed ahead…but wait.

I recently had to get an unexpected outpatient surgery that resulted in no weights or cardio for 2 weeks.  Yes, while I’m in prep mode.  When given the post op guidelines I felt crushed & I was instantly trying to evaluate how this affects my “plan”.  Just typing that last sentence is eye opening to how immersed I get into achieving goals.   Rather than focusing on my body healing I began nesting eggs of uncertainty & doubt, again over a 2 week disruption, ridiculous.

Nutrition & believing is achieving, two elements I deem essential for a healthy life. The reality, 2 weeks is not a big deal.  There are people with real problems, real struggles.  Time off from the gym is not a real problem, it’s a created stress I chose to let go of.  I’m fortunate for life & all I have.  The food I’m eating nourishes me & will continue to produce the results I seek.  I believe I am stronger than the slight detours placed in front of me.

I am thrilled to see what I will bring to the 2013 stage (internally & externally).   The recent growing season (aka off season) had been my best to date, thought processes were improved, nutrition was logged & I provided my body with maintenance I’ve overlooked in the past.  Good things are to come, I believe it.  Here’s to the journeys that make us stronger!



5 thoughts on “Prep Time

  1. Awesome advice! Great job in realizing what’s truly important, it’s not always easy to do. Sorry to hear about your procedure, but looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

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