Grab & Go

On the go nonstop? Most of us are but that’s not a reason to reach for junk filled snacks. Here’s a Grab & Go list of items that are great for keeping at work, in vehicles, gym bags & purses (even that cute clutch). No refrigeration required & everything is temperature proof!

Grab & Go
1. Tuna packets
2. Unsalted raw nuts
3. Quest bars
5. Whey Protein
6. Individual almond butter
7. Rice cakes
8. Oatmeal
9. Individual Kashi cereal
10. Wheat crackers
11. Apple

Your results follow your choices. Snacking is great, if you’re truly hungry then I say eat! Focus on the type of food you’re filling up on rather than trying to curb your appetite. In the long run the junk will slow you down & not leave you satisfied. Now that you have your Grab & Go snacks there’s more time to enjoy the day!

Comments are welcome! What snacks have you found that help a fast pace life?  Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook!




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