Resistance Ab Exercises

There isn’t a body part I dislike training therefore I’m going to aim to share some of these favorite exercises that work for me.  I look forward to hearing your feedback & please share your favorites with all of us.  Now lets do work!  


 Row Slide

15 reps, 3x

Focus: lower & core.

Get into a push up stand.  Place feet on the row seat & push forward letting your bottom create a hinge movement.


Weighted Twist

20 full movements, 3x

Focus: oblique

Hold a dumbbell or plate out from your body.  Keeping your hips forward twist from side to side keeping your abs tight.  The further out your arms are the more challenging it will be.


Resistance Band Leg Lifts

15 reps, 3x

Focus: lower

Wrap resistance band around something secure & place the top of your feet through the handles.  Scoot back far enough to create tension but not so much that you aren’t able to lift your feet.  Lay flat, arms at your side & lift legs.


Resistance Band Crunches

To failure (at least 20), 2x

Wrap resistance band around something secure.  Grab the handles & scoot away far enough to create resistance.  Lift your legs & pull the bands from behind you.  Lower into normal crunch position & repeat.


Looking for more training videos check out Nicole Wilkins website & the Cut and Jacked website.  Great info there!!!



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