Tried & True Recent Pinterest Recipes

I want to share my most recent tried & true easy recipes from Pinterest!  I’ve listed the slight adjustments or tips I’ve found that make these tasty pins fool proof.


Roasted Cabbage Wedges

My favorite seasoning combination is hot chili, Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime, pepper & a just a little salt.  I found baking them for 20 minutes was perfect.  Fyi, I tried the left overs cold & it hit the spot!  Never knew I liked cabbage so much.

Direct link to recipe here


Low Carb Gluten Free Tortilla

I LOVE (& I mean LOOOOVE) this recipe!!!  They actually have the texture & flexibility of a regular tortilla.  I opted out of the seasoning because I wanted them plain & I’m a fan of coconut flavoring.  If separated by wax paper they refrigerate for several days.  I also decided to play with the recipe and ended up making Vanilla Coconut Pancakes. I’m still perfecting this recipe so expect to see it in the near future!

Direct link to recipe:


Italian turkey bean soup

This one is a hit!  I swapped the spinach for kale because I prefer the taste of kale. It’s that simple & is delicous!

Direct link to recipe:

If you want more recipes follow my Feed Me Healthy & Feed Me Sweet & Healthy boards!  I also enjoy posting food, fitness & any other positive discoveries on Instagram.  Best wishes!



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