The Arena

Be a gladiator & step into the Arena to battle yourself.  This is a place for ALL who want to put in work to be better.

Find an individual(s) to conquer walking, running, stadiums, hills or lifting with.  Share tips, recipes, & motivation that’s useful.  This is OUR arena, everyone is welcome, limits are not.

The rules are simple:

Compete against yourself.  Get uncomfortable. Encourage each other.

Absolutely NO negativity (you will be removed) & NO fad health marketing allowed.

I have opted a group over over a fan page because groups allow input from everyone & the ease of setting up notifications to your preference.  If we’re not in your area you are still welcome to join however I highly recommend forming your own local arena!




Team Motivation


This is a phenomenal example of strength!  Surround yourself with people that elevate you & everything else will rise as well!  A tremendous amount of inspiration comes from seeing people come together for a common goal of helping others while getting to improve themselves.  You are most like the people you hang out with.  Build a team, let the strength of your group be unstoppable.  They did & look what they accomplished, together!

HUGE CONGRATS & THANKS to Colby’s Nuggets & Kickin’ Asphalt for letting me share your pictures & inspiring us!

Kolby’s Nuggets at the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Chris Velasquez family & friends

Support Kolby’s Nuggets also learn more about Down Syndrome!

Colby's Nuggets

Kickin’ Asphalt at the Waddell & Reed Kanas City Marathon

Scott Battagler, Jamie Collins, Brandon Collins, Sarah Riney & Corey Van Dine

Help the beneficiary Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Kickin' Asphalt

You can find this & more motivation on the Show & Tell page!

*I got to see Kickin’ Asphalt team form…the support & encouragement they threw at each other through the training process was exciting & contagious. I’m so proud of each of them. I will continue to reflect on their accomplishment of winning as individuals who finished in unity!