Nutrition: Get Started Basics

There are plenty of ways to achieve your goals however you have to find what works for YOU & be consistent.  I personally have found that flexible eating/IIFYM suits my lifestyle. 


80% of your physique comes from nutrition. A healthy lifestyle not only feels good it tastes good!  10% training & 10% is genetics.  That leaves no excuses.  You will be successful! 

Watch your servings/portions.  Read the nutrition label (see below).  There’s a lot of trickery with advertisement. Know what you are feeding yourself.    

Log your nutrition.  Write it down or use Apps (My Fitness Pal is a great one) 

If you fall get back up!  Not tomorrow, now is the time.   Don’t over restrict yourself!!!  If you want something, have it, enjoy it & move on.

Remember to visit Fit Recipes page & check the other pages for helpful info too!  There’s also a page to Contact me with any questions.  

More recipes & fit info on my Pinterest boards! 

How to Read Nutrition Labels

*Printable grocery list here!

*Printable example food log here!

Substitute ground turkey in chili & taco salads (minus the chips, if you really want chips bake whole wheat pitas or tortillas to desired crispiness)
Stuffed wheat pitas
Tilapia/cod/fish of choice,steam veggies & quinoa or brown rice.  Lemmon & Ms. Dash to season
Stir fry: chicken, veggies, potatoes.  Use Pam spray instead of oil.
Thin & crispy crust chicken pizza- use   little sauce or hummus.  Can also use pita bread or Lavash bread for personal size
Wheat pasta add diced chicken, artichokes, mozzarella cheese, northern beans (rinse & drain), olives (rinse & drain)
More recipes here

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