Grocery List

Do NOT restrict yourself.  If you see a package of doughnuts, chips, or anything else that sounds good then get it.  ENJOY it & then be done with it.  Restriction will lead to a binge & most likely shame.  Then this cycle goes on repeat until you finally realize food is not good or bad.  You are not good or bad if you eat certain foods.  Unless you are training for an elite sport then dieting does NOT work.  I’m sharing from experience however there are studies upon studies that back me up.  It will take diligent work but try to listen to what your body wants, be done when it asks you to be done, then eat again when it cues you to do so.

How to Read Nutrition Labels
Printable Grocery List
Fruit I love fruit!!!  Snack idea is to dip fruit in almond butter, use in plain fat free Greek yogurt with Stevia, or in oatmeal.  Check out this recipe!
Vegetable Fresh or frozen are great.  If you are watching your sodium watch canned items.  Frozen works great in crockpot meals.  Recipes here!
Starch Carbs
Sweet, red, or white potatoes
Whole wheat –  pita, tortilla, bread, crackers, lavash Wraps, pockets, personal pizzas, chips find recipe here
Ezekiel Bread Sprout bread, usually kept in frozen aisles
Grains-  Brown Rice, quinoa, oatmeal, cracked freekah
Cereals Most cereals are loaded with sugar.  Kashi has a few protein cereals that aren’t too bad.  READ THE LABELS!
Rice cakes
Beans & lentils If you are watching sodium be cautious of canned goods.
Mozzarella string cheese  Great snack & high in protein
Shredded cheese
Greek Yogurt or regular Plain fat-free/low fat yogurt is a perfect sour cream substitute.  Add Stevia, fresh fruit & apple spice or cinnamon.  Yogurt with the fruit already added are loaded with sugar so buy according to your goals.
fat-free or low fat cottage cheese
Skim or almond milk Think smoothies!
Almond butter, peanut butter, coconut spread
Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil
Spices Be creative!!!  Healthy does NOT mean boring!  A few of my favorites are smoked paprika, anything southwest flavored & apple spice for on squashes.
Mustards, salsa, hot sauce
Apple cider vinegar & regular vinegar
Walden Farms I personally am a fan of the chocolate sauces & dips.  I’m also a big fan of the pancake syrup.
Herbal teas, coffee, WATER, WATER, WATER

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