Service Reviews

Online Diet Coaching:  AFC- Brian Ahlstrom

Brian can guide you for any nutrition goal you’re after.  This is for serious inquiries only however you do not have to be a competitor to work with Brian.


I had followed flexible eating for a little over a year on my own & had great success.  However once I applied all I felt I could learn based on self-research I called on Brian Ahlstrom Fitness.  He has a great range of athletes he works with & I followed their journey for nearly 6 months before reaching out to Brian.  Joining AFC was one of the best decisions I could have made for my health.  I learned so much working with him & can’t say enough great things about his approach & the team comradery.

My history with Brian from AFC:

  • afcGuided me through a mini cut adjusting macros & cardio for everyday living to get to a physique that made me feel good.
  • Reversed diet (increase macros) & cardio (reduced cardio) to gain muscle & strength
  • Adjusted nutrition to accommodate to train for a powerlifting meet to stay strong, hit PRs & maintain my weight for the USPLA weight class. Results: Squat & bench PR
  • Prepped for two NANBF competitions. Results: 5/14/16 placed 3rd in short & 6/4/16 placed 2nd overall
  • Reversed diet to maintain muscle, a healthy physique, and flexibility in types of training

Local Spray Tanning: TanPerfekt

TanPerfekt has two locations in the Kansas City area with online scheduling offering several options; Everyday color, special event, photo shoots & physique competitors.


In my young twenties I was a tanning bed addict.  Unfortunately over the course of the years I have had several confrontations with precancerous cells resulting in becoming the Queen of SPF.  I love Tanperfekt because I don’t have to jeopardize my health & I can still have the bronze look I love.  It truly is “perfekt”.  All of the staff is knowledgeable, professional & incredibly friendly.  Once the color is set & showered my skin literally looks flawless.  I simply love how it makes me feel in my own skin.  The color does not transfer off your skin, it gradually fades over time & never ever looks orange.  Seriously, this is the only way I will get bronzed.

My history with TanPerfekt:


  • Used for all NANBF competitions. The staff pays acute attention to details.  This is such an easy way to get your color.  It’s reduces stress of not getting the color “right”, you have another set of eyes looking you over.  It looks great on stage.
  • Used before sandy vacations, photo shoots, & Broken Skull Challenge (physical head to head competition located in the summer desert). In every instance it stayed put & looked natural.  Love love love their product.